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How Aspen Medical Failed the People of Fiji

COVID-19 struck the world hard, and the pandemic tore through some countries worse than others. It fell on the heroic efforts of healthcare services and workers to ensure our safety. It was those efforts that would determine how many saved lives we would see.

An unfortunate reality for the people of Fiji is that they were not cared for to a sufficient standard by one particular medical institution. We can see this reflected in how severe the pandemic hit Fiji.

Aspen Medical failed to fulfill a million-dollar contract, a deal they have thus far reneged on. Read more to find out what repercussions this held for the people of Fiji.

The Death Toll Reflects That Aspen Medical Failed

There have already been hundreds of deaths in Fiji at the hands of the COVID-19 virus. Where other countries had sufficient healthcare services to deal with this, Fiji did not.

In a time when every bed was vital, Aspen exposed themselves for not fulfilling their contract. One of the hospitals they claimed they would repair, the Lautoka hospital, was instead left abandoned and closed.

Another hospital they had planned has not even begun to take shape in any form.

This left a gaping hole in the number of beds available, meaning people who were severely ill were unable to receive treatment. The remaining hospitals were unable to pick up the slack.

This also caused an issue in the distribution of vaccines. Due to the logistical issue of not having enough resources available, both distribution and hospital management suffered.

The Future of the Virus

With the future of the virus uncertain, it’s more important than ever for there to be enough medical treatment available. The million-dollar government contract should be in the hands of somebody prepared to do the right thing.

There is a constant stream of new variants, and we don’t know when the next one will hit or how severe it will be.

Having to endure another run of the virus while the healthcare of the country is hostage by Aspen Medical PTY is impossible. There must be some change wrought and an explanation as to why they have kept their government contract for so long.

The clock is ticking down to another potential outbreak, and Fiji must take action before it is too late.

Keep Track of Aspen Medical Failures

It’s more than fair to say that after receiving such a large contract from the government, they should have fulfilled their promises. As it is now, those promises are barren and empty. Aspen Medical failed in its task.

The death toll already weighs heavily on the shoulders of the world. Fiji does not need to bear any more of that weight, especially when there is still a way forward.

Fiji hospitals are needed now more than ever. Aspen Medical must be accountable for its unfulfilled contract. To stay on top of the latest developments, or to contact us, please click here.

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