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Exposing Aspen Medical for Their Wrongdoings

Imagine if the Covid pandemic had gotten so bad that hospitals became closed to the public. What if entire hospitals went into lock-down and quarantine?

While the US had avoided that scenario so far, Fiji hasn’t been so lucky.

Back in May, Lautoka Hospital went into full lockdown mode. Over 400 staff and all patients got ordered to stay in the hospital until further notice.

As a result, all medical treatment got redirected elsewhere. Was this yet another failure of Aspen Medical? Our analysts think so. Read on to learn more about Aspen Medical and its continuous failings here.

Why is Aspen Medical in Fiji?

Aspen Medical is an Australian company, so you may wonder what it’s doing in Fiji to begin with. Aspen is a global provider of healthcare solutions.

According to the company’s website, they’ve provided these ‘guaranteed’ healthcare solutions since 2003.

In November of 2018, the Government of Fiji made a deal with Aspen. Aspen Medical got selected to maintain and upgrade Lautoka and Ba Sub-divisional hospitals.

The goal of Aspen was to modernise, support, upgrade, and maintain the Fijian health system.

Aspen Exposed: So Many Medical Failures

Fast forward to 2021 and those same facilities are failing Fijians in the worst way.

When looking at Aspen medical failures explained, you need to follow the money. Aspen received literal billions to deal with Covid in Australia and Fiji.

Despite that, they failed to provide the services they promised. Why? Much of that money went towards covering up past financial mismanagement.

Further, Aspen medical failures aren’t even the worst part of the situation. Some Fijians say the situation is turning into a humanitarian crisis!

Patients have taken to social media to explain a lack of food, electricity, and even water.

Fiji Needs Help

While things started at the hospital, they spread to the community fast. By August, Fiji was in dire need of help. In some remote areas, families were surviving on one meal a day.

Others were surviving on neighbour’s leftovers and goodwill.

The Fijian government contacted the UN for help. They’ve offered food packs, but the help hasn’t been enough. The government has had no choice but to give citizens a monthly allowance for food and fuel.

Who knows where Fiji could be if Covid didn’t get out of control?

Aspen Medical Must Get Held Accountable

When the Fijian Government contracted Aspen Medical to boost healthcare, all seemed well. Now, it’s clear that the decision wasn’t for the best.

No one could’ve predicted the impact of Covid. But, no one can say if Fijians would’ve fared better without Aspen, either. With Aspen, patients got trapped in hospitals without food, electricity, or running water.

This is unacceptable in so many ways.

Aspen Medical must get held accountable.

It’s not okay for the global healthcare company to continue to thrive. We need to increase the pressure and demand the infrastructure we deserve!

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