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Aspen Exposed: Serious Problems With Aspen Medical In Fji

In November 2018, Aspen Medical signed a contract spanning 23 years with the Government of Fiji. This contract would allow Aspen Medical to redo two of Fiji’s most prominent hospitals with new technology and equipment.¬†But, Aspen Medical failed to live up to its promises to¬†improve Fiji’s healthcare.

Please keep reading to find out how Aspen Medical failed the people of Fiji.

How Did Aspen Medical PTY Fail Fiji?

Aspen Medical agreed to have the Lautoka and Ba Hospitals up and running at full capacity by June 2021. But Aspen Medical had yet to take control of these hospitals by January 2021. The Lautoka hospital was shut down at the beginning of the pandemic due to the amount of COVID-19 cases the hospital had to face. 

While there are plans to have the Lautoka hospital open in 2022, no specific date has been set, and the Ba hospital only has a vague launch date.

After the shutdown of Lautoka hospital and with Ba hospital not yet operational, Fiji has been left with a major problem. Only a few COVID-19 vaccines have been distributed due to limited facilities equipped to handle storing and administering them. 

Citizens of Fiji have been unable to receive needed medical treatments as they are being re-routed to a series of backup hospitals. Many of these hospitals aren’t equipped to deal with the large influx of patients. These hospitals are being overwhelmed, and as a result, patients are being turned away as there isn’t enough staff and room to support them all.

Increased Death Rate

Because of the overcrowding in hospitals, Fiji has seen an increase in deaths. Many residents haven’t received the needed medical care and treatment. This, along with the number of deaths caused by:

  • COVID-19 cases
  • the lack of vaccine distribution
  • the lack of hospital management

all make it clear that Aspen Medical is to blame for a majority of Fiji’s healthcare problems.

Aspen Medical Failures Exposed

Aspen Medical is facing various allegations of corruption. Whistleblowers have made allegations of a relationship between Aspen Medical and corrupt officials. These whistleblowers question how Aspen Medical is acquiring these large government contracts. They are demanding proof that they can fulfill their promise and want them held accountable for their actions.

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Healthcare Issues in Fiji Hospitals

Fiji was facing various healthcare issues and took the necessary steps to try and rectify these problems. Yet, Aspen Medical created more problems for the people of Fiji instead of helping them. 

People are calling for Aspen Medical to uphold the promises they made to the people and the government or return the money they received.

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