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3 Big Reasons To Cancel Aspen Medical For Fiji

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a global effect on healthcare, much of the attention has been on certain countries. Small country islands like Fiji had problems in their healthcare system before the pandemic, suffered because of limited resources and neglect. 

Aspen Medical was meant to help improve Fiji’s healthcare. Instead, they only exacerbated their problems. The Australian healthcare company partnered with the Government of Fiji in 2019 for a 23-year contract to help upgrade two of their main hospitals. 

Not only did the company fail to care for the citizens during the pandemic, but they have also created more problems within the system.

Keep reading to learn three important reasons why Aspen Medical should be cancelled in Fiji and how you can do your part to get Aspen exposed.

1. Issues With Infrastructure

The role of Aspen Medical PTY in Fiji was to enhance the services and equipment in Ba Hospital and Lautoka Hospital. The infrastructure issues that Aspen promised to fix were meant to give the citizens access to more efficient medical services. 

They promised over 300 extra hospital beds at Lautoka Hospital and 70 beds at Ba Hospital. This would have helped to equip both hospitals with extra space for patients – especially before the pandemic. As the contract was signed in 2019, there would have been ample time to prepare and precious lives could have been saved. 

2. Rising Death Rate With Fiji Healthcare 

Not only did the hospitals not get the upgrades, but they closed for lockdown for periods of time during the pandemic. Lautoka locked down with more than 400 medical staff and patients. This forced new patients to go to the other hospitals and overwhelmed the already fragile healthcare system. 

This is also not limited to COVID-19 issues. Aspen Medical’s failures in Fiji affected the lives of citizens with many other healthcare issues. 

We are dedicated to exposing the Aspen Medical failures and restoring the healthcare system in Fiji. 

3. Corruption Allegations 

In addition to the presiding Fiji healthcare problems, Aspen Medical is also under fire for recent allegations of corruption. 

It’s not the first time that the organization has taken on large contracts with other governments and not held up its end of the bargain. They have not yet been exposed for this corruption and the failure to follow through on their promises. 

Getting Aspen Medical Out of Fiji 

Aspen Medical has proved that they cannot be trusted to upgrade the healthcare system in Fiji. They have failed the citizens by not preparing and taking action before the pandemic hit. With allegations of corruption, a rise in death rates within Fiji’s healthcare, and issues with infrastructure, it is clear that Aspen Medical has neglected the people of Fiji and they need to be accountable. 

Visit our website and find out how you can get involved to help restore Fiji’s healthcare system and bring them to justice.  

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