Aspen Medical has not up kept its promises to our country to upgrade our healthcare system. After millions of dollars spent, we are still lacking any changes to our hospitals. It is time to cancel Aspen Medical.


With all of the disasters of COVID-19 coming at Fiji incredibly hard, I thought it was time to really get a site together so everyone could really see how us Fijians are getting the short end of the stick with our healthcare. Our experience with COVID-19 has been incredibly different than other countries around the world as we haven’t had the healthcare system in place to withstand the pandemic and now, we are suffering with thousands of deaths. This problem was supposed to be solved when the Fiji Government signed a deal with Aspen Medical to not only takeover two of our biggest hospitals but also to redo them with cutting edge technology that would be pivotal for the health of our people. Although a deal was signed, Aspen Medical has completely failed us and failed our hospital system that they are responsible for.

In the deal, Aspen Medical was to take over operations of Lautoka and Ba hospital. The cutoff was June 2021 to have both hospitals up and running, fully operational but that is in fact not what happened. In May of 2021, Lautoka hospital was SHUT DOWN during the surge in COVID cases due to the hospital not being able to support the climbing number of cases. So that puts us here, well past June 2021 with one hospital up and running, limited number of COVID-19 vaccines to be distributed to us and many millions of dollars spent with nothing in return.

The deal was to include commissioning and equipping the newly constructed Ba Hospital and then moving all services to it from the existing Ba Mission Hospital. Aspen Medical planned to ‘fix’ Lautoka hospital starting with offering 305 hospital beds and providing appropriate support to service delivery until further substantial renovations or rebuilding can be undertake but as this didn’t happen in a timely manner, the hospital has since been closed, resulting in the other hospitals being overwhelmed and having to turn patients away.


With an increasing number of COVID-19 cases, variants and deaths, Fiji is going under. Without the proper infrastructure in place, we quite literally may not make it out alive. With the increasing concern in the Delta variant, we have little time to spare. We have lost too many of our people already and we need to fight. This is coming down to our government not putting enough pressure on Aspen Medical to fulfill their contract. The thing is, if they cannot fully come through on their commitment to Fiji, the contract should be taken away and the money should be returned so that we can hire a more functional group of people to get our healthcare system where it needs to be.  To have a larger company running our hospitals isn’t ideal, the hospitals need to be locally run and operated to ensure the decisions being made are for the people, by the people. We need to save the Fijians and we need to do it now.

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